March Wild Camp: A Rite of Passage

Yay, it’s that time again……time to go camping. I had to abort my last camping trip (in February) due to man-flu so it’s been a while and I needed a ‘fix’. The solution – two glorious nights in my local woodland! However, the weather forecast was pretty foul with lots of rain on its way. But who cares, I would at least be ready for it.

Camping for two nights means I’ll be packing some extra food. The cold and wet weather also meant I’d be packing some extra clothing and kit. All of this gear was shoe-horned into my 65 litre rucksack and wow, it weighed an absolute ton! It would however take more than a spot of rain and a cumbersome rucksack to dampen my spirits. I heaved the pack onto my back, cinched down the straps and slowly made my way to camp as I pondered whether it was really necessary to be carrying all this kit!

Happily, I didn’t have so far to walk to camp. It was a little less than a mile along a mostly up-hill trail. To be honest, there’s no way I’d consider carrying such a h…

Planning and Preparing for a Wild Camp

It might seem like a strange concept to some folk, but quite often I rather enjoy the planning and preparation that goes into a camping trip. I have spent many a train journey and lunch break at work writing lists of things I need to pack and jobs I want to do on my forthcoming adventures.

So what goes into the planning and preparation, what do I do and what do I take with me on my camping trips?
Get a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and brace yourself, this could be a long one!!
Throughout 2017 I was able to get out on a camping trip each and every month. Every time I started to plan for a trip, I formed an idea of where I wanted to camp. More often than not it was in the woodland that I’m permitted to use. However there were also times where I ventured into the unknown and sought to break out of my comfort zone!
First and foremost, each scenario led me to consider what type of shelter I wanted to use (more on that later). But every time I go camping, I also like to ensure that …

Christmas 2017 Wildcamp: Wet and Windy!

Sometimes camping trips don’t always end up being as successful as you’d like them to be. I think that was the case with my latest overnight adventure in between the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The weather forecast was pretty brutal, cold with strong winds and heavy rain! Taken on their own I can deal with them relatively easily. But when these thugs of nature join forces, they have a tendency to make life difficult for the outdoors enthusiast. However, I was determined not to let mother nature get in the way of my enjoyment and prepared myself for a typically English winters day. After all…..’if it aint raining, it aint training’!
Without further ado, I layered up with some warm clothing, donned my waterproof jacket and trousers, strapped on my heavy backpack and battled through the wind and lashing rain to reach my usual camping spot. Happily I was meeting some friends there who had already camped out the previous night, we’ve made a bit of a tradition of camping out during …